3 yr. old - T1 Students of the Month (August - December)

3 yr. olds:  Wyatt Shafer, Huckleberry Duncan, Kaylee Locust and Saydee Sam.  

Not pictured:  Lila Harrison

4 yr. olds:  Camberlyn Davis, Miah Stephenson, Raegan Ogden, Clay Stane and Rylie Buckner.

Carte KG:  Kaston Kindle, Noa Kimble, Skyiah Carson, Deacon Carte and Aria Yeager.

Stratton KG:  Julee Hummingbird, Olivia Cluck, Layla Hopkins and Mackenzie Sevenstar.

Not pictured:  Gage Meek

T-1:  Scarlett Sam, Jayden Lobato, Ayden Vann and Winter Childers.

Not pictured:  Jesse Pack