2022-23 School Spelling Bee Winners

Over the past few weeks we have been conducting class spelling bees for individual grades 1-8.  Today we hosted the All-School Spelling Bee that included all grade level winners.  Sixth grader, Aspyn James, was our all-school overall winner with second grader Izzy Sidebottom as our runner-up.  Eighth grader WinterHawk Ketcher placed 3rd and will serve as an alternate.  The top two all-school winners will now advance to the 2023 Eastern OK State Spelling Bee @ the Muskogee Civic Center on April 21, 2023.

All-School Winners:

1st Place - Aspyn James - 6th Grade

2nd Place - Izzy Sidebottom - 2nd Grade

3rd Place - WinterHawk Ketcher - 8th Grade

Class Winners:

1st Grade:  Jaze Chuculate

2nd Grade:  Izzy Sidebottom

3rd Grade:  Aryana Smith

4th Grade:  Nash Price

5th Grade:  Dajah Bradley

6th Grade:  Aspyn James

7th Grade:  Talon Thurber

8th Grade:  WinterHawk Ketcher