First Nine Weeks Kiwanis SuperBUGs

Kiwanis Bring Up Grades, or BUG, is a program that recognizes elementary students who raise their grades or maintain good grades from one grading period to the next.  SuperBUGs are those students that have straight As.  Our first nine weeks SuperBUGs are shown below.  We are so proud of these students!!  Keep up the good work!

4th Grade:  Conlee Catron, Aryana Smith, Gracie Lejuene, Kaelynn Johnson and Shaelynn Unger.

5th Grade:  Blane Sidebottom, Grayson Leach, Nash Price, Maverick Price, Zayne Ruggles, Sy Acuna, Cannon Brown, Talin Smith, Stetson Starr and Dason Teehee.

6th Grade:  Caryss Crozier, Mazie Price, Ryan Isaacs, Wyatt Lundberg and Joda Foster.