4-H Skill-a-Thon Winners!!
4-H Skill-a-Thon Winners!!
Stacy Thurber
Friday, December 07, 2018

Congratulations to our 4-H Skill-a-Thon Winners!!

FCS :  Jr. Division - Hayden Kimble, 2nd place

           Sr. Division - Madison Eagle, 2nd place 

                                  Abby Hale, 3rd place

Dairy:  Jr. Division - Malachi Hopkins, 1st place

            Intermediate - Kelby Sam, 1st place

            Sr. Division - Jonah Patterson, 3rd place

Poultry/Rabbit:  Intermediate - Sam Patterson, 2nd place

                            Sr. Division - Grace Burton

Companion Animal:  Jr. Division - Remie Bogart

                                     Intermediate - Lily Workman 1st place

                                                               Kally Eagle and Rylan Eagle, 2nd place

                                                               Aiden Carter, Aubrey Beaver, and Melody Teehee,

                                                               3rd place

                                      Sr. Division - Gatlin Bogart 1st place

                                                             Hunter Miller, Ethan Richards, Cainan Mink, and

                                                              Antonio Wolf, 2nd place

                                                              Rosco Dunn and Jaggar Nelson, 3rd place

Livestock:  Jr. Divison - Amelia Price, 2nd place

                                         Aspyn James, 3rd place

                    Intermediate - Kenzie Starr, Stryder Pritchett, and Alissa Jones, 2nd place

                                              Evan James, 3rd place

                    Sr. Division - Blake Crozier, 1st place